Pazila software factory

By Pazila welcome to the new world of software development!

In the world of digital transformation, we are faced with a raising demand for rapid development of software applications, also supporting requirements changes and applying them very fast. The software factory approach to software development is the response to the demands of the new world.

A software factory is based on an industrial view of software development.  It is a collection of related software assets also known as Core Assets as well as a development process using templates and instructions to enhance the productivity of development process.
Pazila is a new software factory empowered by the latest technologies and best practices in software engineering.

Micro-* Approach:

Pazila uses micro-service and micro-frontend architectural styles. It allows handling complexities of decomposing large projects into small units of software code. This approach drastically reduces the cost and complexities of software maintenance and management of software projects. For developing micro-services and components of micro-frontend Pazila provides the developers with a set of templates and instructions and many complexities are handled in the background.

Model Driven Code Generation:

Pazila is supoorted by a model driven code generator which allows generating codes espacially for domain related entities which reduces the time and cost of software development projects.

Automated software test:

Quality is of dire importance, so in pazila software testing is enforced in all layers form unit test and integration test to user acceptance test.


 Pazila supports software as a service (SaaS) strategy. By supporting multi-tenancy, each micro-service can isolate each tenant’s data while sharing computing and software resources.


Continuous integration and continuous deployment is the real answer to rapid changes in a software in order to support new ideas and business requirements. Pazila supports DevOps approach in an agile way.

Pazila editor:

 Using the editor anyone can easily drag and drop UI components and design the layout of the web or mobile application in a graphical editor. The layouts are supported using a defined JSON format.