Success Stories

Based on micro-service approach we have developed a software factory (@pazila) which allows start up teams develop their own products based on our semi-cooked puzzle platform. If teams do not have software developers members we connect them with a pool of software developers and mentors to help them develop their own software solutions.


What is Baazar?

Baazar Is a specialized platform based on blockchain technology to manage the tokenization of gold and its buying and selling cycle.


Shopping modern fashion jewellery is just a click away with the  Talami Jewellery online Shopping


IranJess is an online jewelry store and carries a wide selection of jewelry from engagement rings to fashion jewelry! Explore our jewelry online!


Resno, a new medium With Resno, you do not need anything to start an online business


Ibonak is online wholesale is in the field of basic goods and supermarkets that constantly offer great discounts on their products. The more purchases you have, the more discounts you will receive from ibonak

What is Hoora?

"Hoora TV" provides Entertaining Educational, Development content for children teaching them morality, humanity to make good citizens


?What is Choobkhat

Choobkhat is a fintech startup which allows peer-to-peer lending in a social community

What is Nazdoonak?

Nazdoonak provides entertaining educational content for children. The video and audio contents are peer-reviewed before being published in order to bring a safe environment for kids.